No, I don’t need a sword

An armour is too light

Revolver’s for the weak

Dagger won’t win me the fight.

An army of a thousand

Is no better than of one

Ranks and stars are vague

Strategies I need none.

All I need is a book in hand

And all the world is mine

Not just the one I live in

But every till the end of time.

Something: realised.

Eyes wide open 

To see this materialistic world

Shaking, shifting , sleeping

There is a pleasure in melancholy
And oh-the-dear people

With nothing but fakeness

Gone, past , history

There is excitement in nostalgia
That oath to move on

Move past the misery

Black , windless , silence

There is beauty in darkness
The million failures

And a million more tries

Hurt, dead, broken

There is purpose in sadness
The acceptance of states

The wavering soul

Tired, given up , denied

There is thrill in fear
But was it ever the end

Could it really exist

Unspoken, confused , insane

There is ambition in anxiety
And now there finally it is

There is nothing but smiles

Wondering, wishing , remembering

There is something in tears

a lion among sheep

India shook today!

Obviously the US did as well.

But well, in India its just rare for people to shake positively.

All change requires is a good leader. Our  prime minister showed up so much of planning, guts and what do I say, badassness? 

This man was a tea seller. Today, his praise is on everyone’s lips.

Live long, Mr. Narendra Damodar Modi!

Define Okay

They say it’s okay to be weird. But do they understand when people gather around a weird person giggling to themselves?

They say it’s okay to live a life others don’t understand. Do they realise when people push you towards a life that is understandable?

They say only dead fish go with the flow. Do they feel what a person feels when everyone around calls that person sissy because the flow is abrupted?

And when the whole world howls:

“Be different. It’s okay to be unique. Live life your way.” 




Ask the person who is “okay” for the world, how difficult it is.

It is difficult.

Because oh-the-hypocrisy.

Honest Opinion

I don’t know if you all know about my fascination for science, but it had always been on my to-do list to start a science blog. Guess what, I did it last month. But I need help.

So this blog ( about which I will about later) in currently on Blogger. I am thinking of migrating it to WordPress, the reason being I like the communication way on WordPress better and I am.more acquainted with it. Also, Blogger seems a little segregated. I don’t know if you understand. I think I’ll feel more integrated on WordPress but I am not really sure if I can conclude that so easily.

So please suggest to me dear bloggers.


What I learnt in 16 years

As I turn 16 today I happily accept everything I’ve learnt and wait impatiently for more.

I realise life is so controllable yet to random. I throws you on the floor but then itself sends winds to make you fly. People can be leavable, unacceptable and pointless but human interactions are a necessity. Life is hard even for the strongest and lovely even for the weakest.

You can never be the best. People will be far better than you and people will be far worse than you and that is perfectly how it should be. Always be the average in the room leaving space for ambition while cherishing the present.

 In this life with infinite possibilities, you get to choose everything yet you can’t do much of anything.

It’s a strange crazy world where everything is relative. Your opinion doesn’t matter unless you make it matter. There will always be room for improvement and a bigger room for downfall. 

We all need to work together towards the environment.

You will never be alone.

Nothing’s better than chocolate when you’re feeling low.

Harry Potter can help you face difficult situations.

Family is very important.

You can either choose to be yourself or let others make you what they want.